Medical Insurance:

Even if you are usually in good health, you will need to use the health care system at some point in your life. You never know when an accident may happen or your family member will get sick and need to see a doctor. Health insurance provides you with an affordable way to get medical care when you need it. It also protects you and your family from the high cost of health care. The cost of even routine care can quickly add up, but the cost of care for a major illness or injury can be devastating. At any age, and every level of personal health, health care costs should be something you take seriously. That is what health insurance is all about — covering the expenses that come with preventing illness and staying healthy, and being prepared for the worst that could happen. Medical or health insurance provides risk coverage against expenditure caused by any unforeseen medical emergencies. In current times of high medical inflation rates, failing to hold adequate amount of health insurance cover can prove to be a major personal finance disaster. This could lead to either poor health care because of non-affordability or spiral an individual into financial distress due to high medical bills.


Individual health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that is made available to individuals, rather than to groups or organizations. Individual Health Insurance Plans will cover you against the unexpected health concerns as well as for your routine and preventive health needs. The Individual Health Insurance policies are power-packed with unique features like cash credited on daily basis on choosing shared accommodation, daily cash for accompanying an insured child, maternity expenses, health check-up, spectacles, contact lenses, and out-patient dental treatment etc.


A family floater covers all the family members under one single plan. The sum insured is fixed and gets exhausted as and when any member avails medical services and makes a claim. The members coverable under a family floater can be the policyholder and his/her parents, spouse and children.


It becomes increasingly difficult to get a decent health cover as one ages. Health insurance designed to specifically fulfill the healthcare needs of the old aged is termed as Senior Citizen Health Insurance. It is a bit more costly than regular health insurance.

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